CENTREVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A juvenile suspect will be charged with Disruption of School Activities for allegedly making a threat at Queen Anne’s County High School, according to officials.

Queen Anne’s County High School students reported that they friended an unknown individual on a SnapChat group conversation.

The subject at the time was only known as his screen name.

At some point during the conversation, the subject appeared to become agitated with the students and made threats against a particular student, according to officials.

The information was shared with other students and eventually had spread throughout the student body.

During the investigation, a students and parents were interviewed, all with the same information, that the subject allegedly was coming to the Queen Anne’s County High School to “shoot up the school.”

A social media search by one of the students identified the suspect to be a possible citizen who resides in Baltimore City.

This student then generated a post via SnapChat and it was shared among the student body and the general public. The message content indicated the suspect’s description and what was indicated on the threat.

While collaborating with Sheriff’s Resource Unit, it was determined that the names on the suspects’ SnapChat profile and the name on the original threatening post were different. Another suspect was also developed through other investigative means.

Detectives, the Queen Anne’s County High School Resource Officer, and the Assistant Principal made contact with the most recent suspect Thursday.

During an interview, a confession was made by the suspect. The suspect student admitted to making a fake profile and posting the SnapChat posts involved. The suspect student was, in fact, the same person that authored the threatening message.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s School Resource Unit screened this case with the Queen Anne’s County States Attorney’s Office. As a result, the juvenile suspect will be charged with “Disruption of School Activities.”

There is no threat to Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.


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