BALTIMORE (WJZ) A decades-old train engine is finding a new home and new use in Baltimore.

Domino Sugar’s parent company American Sugar Refining, Inc. is donating “Sweet Toot,” a 1950 Plymouth locomotive, to the B&O Railroad Museum.

Sweet Toot moved railcars at the Domino Sugar Refinery in Baltimore for nearly three decades since 1992. It would pull empty railcars to be loaded with liquid or granulated sugar, which would then be moved by CSX to customers.

Credit: American Sugar Refining, Inc.

In 2016, it received upgrades a new coat of paint. The name Sweet Toot came from a naming contest.

“The engine has served the company well for years, but given the daily demands of moving heavy railcars at our facility, we needed to switch to a stronger engine that also has lower emissions and better fuel economy,” said Rich Baker, Vice President of Corporate Engineering, ASR Group.  “We’ll miss her but are delighted that the B&O Railroad Museum will be able to preserve her and put her to good use for years to come.”

The train engine will arrive at B&O Railroad Museum on Tuesday morning.

“We are excited to acquire not only an authentic piece of Baltimore railroad history but a working engine that we can use at the museum,” said Kris Hoellen, Executive Director of the B&O Railroad Museum. “Sweet Toot will have a good home at the B&O.”

CSX will pull the engine from the Domino Sugar Refinery five miles away.



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