Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was a great day to shut it down and just do nothing. Wet, gloomish skies, and chilly. That will get old when it happens again next weekend, (hint about the “seven day outlook”), but yesterday was ample reason to find some big me time. Like “Me do nothing time.”

Clouds overnight have kept us mild. We started the day in the mid 50’s. By the way overnight clouds, now through Spring, give us a sort of blanket effect. They trap heat near the ground and keep temps up during those hours. That will happen again this next overnight. The reason a cold front sliding by. No big blast of cold air on the way, to be honest it is more of a wind shift.

By mid-week a bunch of sun.

Do we want to get into the next weekends and gray chilly condition now. I mean I did allude to it. Yeah keep your eye on that part of the forecast I am not sure there is a lot of room for movement in our favor. At least it does not look as wet as yesterday. And the Ravens do have “the bye” this next Sunday.

Monday in the big town, always better after a Raven win, especially a big unexpected win! Call this days overcast start mentally sunny!




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