OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Three of Ocean City’s eateries were featured on Man vs. Food Tuesday night. Fish Tales, Dolle’s Candyland and Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour will be a part of the show.

Host Casey Webb learned how to make Fish Tales’ famous crabcakes and also how the iconic saltwater taffy is made at Dolle’s. Finally, Webb also took on Justine’s Titanic Sundae Challenge. The challenge features eight whopping scoops of ice cream, six wet and dry toppings, four cake cones, four cherries, and whipped cream. You have to finish it all in 30 minutes.

Credit: Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour

You’ll have to watch the show to see if Webb managed to complete the challenge, but he tells WJZ.com exclusively that his time spent in Ocean City brought him back to his childhood in New Jersey.

“My time filming in Ocean City really spoke to the kid in me. See, I grew up on the East Coast and spent every summer at the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore, either playing in the ocean, crabbing for blue crabs with my dad, eating saltwater taffy with my grandparents and always trying to stay on my best behavior — because ice cream was the sweetest reward,” he says. “It was as I remembered my time as a kid in Jersey, but down in Maryland many years later. In a time where getting sunburned was a regular thing, somehow I forgot about all that and was 12 years old again. Thank you Ocean City — you let this big kid live out his little kid dreams!”

For a list of upcoming airings or how you can watch the episode on-demand, click here. 

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