HOUSTON (AP) — Umpires apparently wouldn’t have gotten much of an argument from Astros manager AJ Hinch if that disputed interference call hadn’t been made in Game 6.

Nationals leadoff hitter Trea Turner was ruled out on interference with the first baseman when running on his slow roller that was fielded by pitcher Brad Peacock in the seventh inning. The game was stopped for about 10 minutes, including about 4 ½ minutes with the umpires on headsets discussing the situation, before Turner was called out and another runner was returned to first base.

“That one I wish common sense prevails,” Hinch said before Game 7, when asked if he would like to see the base running rule altered. “I actually side with Turner on this one, that I didn’t think that he was getting in the way of anything. It was an errant throw.”

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