BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The 22-year-old sister of New York Knicks player Reggie Bullock was among the three people killed in violence Monday night in Baltimore, according to reports.

Police said Keiosha Moore was shot in the chest. Moore was shot in the 5200 block of Fairlawn Avenue around 7:48 p.m. on Monday. Investigators are looking for an unknown shooter in connection to that case. She walked into a local hospital for treatment but later died.

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9 Shot, 3 Dead In 4 Separate Shootings Just Hours Apart In NW Baltimore

Bullock posted on social media about his loss.

“I never felt so BROKEN in my life! My 2 queens, my 2 that go super HARD FOR ME!” Bullock posted on Instagram.

“Sh*t won’t won’t ever be the same, I wish I could’ve talked once last time that day. I failed as a brother to protect you from the harm of these streets. I FAILED TWICE, to be the TRUE BROTHERS KEEPER! You was watching my team go out there and fight the same night sh*t happen! I can’t believe this happen…IM SO SORRRYYYY SISTERS. ILL DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS FAMILY TOGETHER, and we will work VERY HARD TO SEE WHO TOOK MY SISTER LIFE! Just wanted to laugh one last time, so you can joke on my fashion, my hair wave, all the funny sh*t you use to say I MISS IT ALL! Wake me up from this dream !!! FOREVER MY 2 👸s”

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Screengrab from Reggie Bullock’s Instagram post.

The team posted their condolences for Bullock and teammate Dennis Smith, Jr. on Tuesday.

It isn’t the first time Bullock has lost a sister to violence in Baltimore.

Mia Henderson, who identified as transgendered, was fatally stabbed in 2014 when she was 26 years old.

“Our Knicks family is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Reggie Bullock & Dennis Smith Jr’s close family members,” said Knicks President Steve Mills. “At times like this, we are reminded that life is bigger than basketball. Our thoughts are with them & their families.”

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Bullock has been recovering from neck surgery back in June.

Rachael Cardin