Hi Everyone!

Now that we are on the eve of “All Hallows Eve” we can really get a good look at the timing of rain in the forecast that we have been talking about. And it just does not look real encouraging. Let me give you a timeline whether you are collecting candy, or just a paycheck.

Showers arrive tonight, steady rain overnight and into tomorrow late morning. Scattered showers around through tomorrow afternoon. By dinner time heavy rain arrives and lasts well into the overnight. Then it gets very windy, and chilly, as we enter the weekend.

That rain is a drag for the kids and the parents who get to enjoy some family time. I think your very best shot for getting the kids out will be 3 to 4. And get the deal done quick. By 7 P.M.  I think the rain wins.

And this brings up another point stay alert for traffic, and such, that weather will amp up that concern a bit too. But stay alert, and find some fun. In the end a bit of rain, or wind, has never ruined the joy of a great candy bar. Ever!



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