BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After a three-day bench trial, Baltimore police officer Michael O’Sullivan was found guilty of perjury and misconduct in officer for his testimony given in a district court trial in 2018.

On May 31, 2018, Officer O’Sullivan, along with other BPD officers learned information about a man who was possibly involved in illegal activity, possibly armed with a gun in the 5600 block of Alameda.

When the officers went there, a firearm was found on the ground and officers, after a brief chase, caught a fleeing Yusuf Smith.

During Smith’s trial, Officer O’Sullivan testified that he saw Smith reach for his waistline and throw a gun before fleeing from the police.

However, it was later discovered from body camera footage, that Officer O’Sullivan did not and could not have seen what he said under oath in court.

The State revisited Smith’s conviction and entered a nolle prosequi in the matter, then sought and obtained a grand jury indictment against Officer O’Sullivan alleging perjury and misconduct in office.

The judge agreed with the charges, and found that Officer O’Sullivan had perjured himself and did not, and could not, have seen what he claimed to witness.

His sentencing is scheduled for December 3.


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