Hi Everyone!

So we’ve been sugar buzzing all morning long. Our executive Producer Michal Mathers always makes these really fun little Halloween treats and we partake, and drink coffee, and the next thing you know it is “to infinity and beyond!”

Trick-Or-Treat Forecast | When Will It Rain On Halloween In Maryland

All fun and games now, later potential severe weather will end that fun. We discussed this part of the forecast yesterday and I want to touch on it again. It’s a simple game. Today 76° and humid, tomorrow windy and 53°. That is a strong cold front.

The rain timing is still dinner through bedtime and we discussed yesterday. So let’s focus on winds. Steady winds of 20 mph or more with gusts to 40+ mph are VERY likely.

Very likely for a few hours and therein lay the rub. Trees still have leaves and that is resistance to the wind, and there is where you get the possibility of limbs down and associated issues. And this front IS what I think will kick Fall into another gear, and the march to Thanksgiving will certainly feel, and really begin to look like it. Not just here but almost coast to coast. So long mild and early Fall, it has been fun!

Watch out for the kids later and that weather too.



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