BALTIMORE (WJZ/CBS Sports) — Did you see the Ravens win over the Patriots on Sunday Night Football?

That’s really all you need to know about why 22-year-old Jackson should be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.


The crowd at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday erupted into chants of “MVP” in the final minutes of the game where Baltimore won against the undefeated New England, 37-20.

Jackson led the team to victory, delivering two rushing touchdowns, completing 17 out of 23 passes for 163 yards.

He also carried the ball 14 times for 62 yards.

His teammates agree.

In a press conference Sunday, Safety Earl Thomas called Jackson the MVP.

“The offensive line looked great, and gave a lot of time for Lamar — who played MVP-type football,” Thomas said in his post-game press conference. “He’s separating himself [from the pack]. … Big picture: we get better every week. It starts with Lamar and that offense.

“Us on defense, we just try to give the ball back to them and let the MVP do his thing. …I’m right with the crowd [chanting MVP for Jackson]. I mean that. This man is the MVP. I’m right behind him. I’m backing him. He makes my job easier.”

Willie Snead added to the calls for Jackson to be named MVP.

“Dude, you can’t handle Lamar,” Snead said. “You just have to go with it. Lamar is just a game-breaker at any time. Just to have him on our team is just a difference-maker.

“It’s hard for teams to be able to game plan for a guy like that. He’s special. He leads our team, and we follow him.”

Coach John Harbaugh said Jackson has a high football IQ, poise and understands the moment.

“He has an amazing ability to take a lot of factors… and process all that in that kind of a moment,” Harbaugh said. ” Lamar does it his way, but Lamar does it as well as anybody. He did a great tonight and I think the whole world saw it.”

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In a press conference late Sunday, Jackson said although it’s nice everyone is talking about him being the MVP, he’s just focused on winning.

“We just got to build and get ready for Seattle next week,” Jackson said, presumably meaning the Bengals matchup next week against Cincinnati.

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Jackson said he just studied the Patriots plays to understand how to beat New England. He said he was prepared.

“I’m just going to play my game,” he said.

But Jackson said the team is going to keep pushing and not let the win get in their head.

Even his opponent thought Jackson played a great game.

“Great game dude, you played great,” said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Jackson responded by called Brady The Goat (greatest of all time).




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