Hi Everyone!

Back to “standard time” it is. Quite shocking to see it get dark so early yesterday, but quite nice to see it so light so early this day. And so clear so early this day.

Expect a bunch of sun today with a seasonal high of 59°,  the normal is 61° — so close enough.

A look at this week’s weather shows a calm few days, but then the first real shot of cold comes our way by the end of the week.

A cold front ushering in air right out of the Canadian Rockies will slide by Thursday night and behind it daytime highs in the low 40’s. Let’s put that into sharper focus. The normal overnight low for Friday is 39°. Yep cold is in the night side too with forecast temps in the upper 20’s.

We are a little over three weeks away from Thanksgiving. Short daylight, and occasional jolts of cold temps are part of the deal these days.

But the real headline: THE RAVENS BEAT THE PATS! (You didn’t think we were letting that one by did ya?)

Have a fine and safe Monday.



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