By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thursday is International Stout Day, a day dedicated to everything about the dark beer. To celebrate, Guinness’ only American brewery will soon have a special flavor trickling out of its taps.

In the Baltimore lab, Guinness is brewing a special type of barrel-aged beer, a special stout.

“We actually took two different beers, we brewed an imperial stout and a barleywine, fully fermented them in our cellar, and then we aged them in bourbon barrels to allow them to soak in all those nice wood flavors,” head brewer Hollie Stephenson said.

The barrels used to hold Bulleit bourbon from Kentucky. In fact, the label on the bottles mimics Bulleit’s.

“But for us, this isn’t a new thing. Guinness has been aging in barrels for most of our history,” Guinness’ Ryan Wagner said.

The big wigs in Dublin trusted the team in Baltimore to come up with a winning brew, which the local team said was a big deal for them.

“We’re still, you know, a young brewery, and to be able to bring something from our small batch system here in Baltimore and scale it up in this way is really exciting for the whole brewing team,” Stephenson said.

Stock Ale debuts first in Baltimore on Thursday. The first draft keg will be tapped at the brewery that afternoon.

Limited quantities will be shipped nationwide, including to stores in the Baltimore area.


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