By Denise Koch

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The National Aquarium wants the Inner Harbor swimmable and fishable once again.

The National Aquarium announced Wednesday a major expansion of its Floating Wetlands Project aimed at creating a new, much larger, healthy habitat in the waters of the Inner Harbor.

“When you make the habitat [healthy] many animals will come back,” a National Aquarium official said.

That is exactly what has happened during the course of the project, and soon, it will grow from 400 to 14,000 square feet thanks to the aquarium’s $14 million Waterfront Campus Project.

Much of the money will come from local CFG Bank whose Founder believes this project signals a second Harbor renaissance.

“We are a great city, we are a tough city and we are going to do positive things going forward,” CFG Bank Founder Jack Dwyer said.

This is the future. Students from Highlandtown Middle are learning to become conservationists.

They are taking a sample of the salinity, what organisms might be able to survive. A list that, with more floating wetlands, can and should continue to grow.