BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Police Department Friday said there are “a small number of tasks to complete” in their investigation of former Detective Sean Suiter’s death, despite the department calling the case closed earlier this week.

In a brief statement to WJZ Friday morning, the department said it is working on those tasks.

“The State’s Attorney and Commissioner (Michael) Harrison have agreed that there are a small number of tasks to complete in this case. The Commissioner respects the process and, as a result, BPD is proceeding with those tasks,” the statement reads.

Police did not specify the nature of the tasks.


A day after Harrison called the investigation closed, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby insisted “it is still an open and pending matter.”

On Wednesday, a report from Maryland State Police concluded Suiter died by suicide, which the late detective’s family disputes.

Suiter died November 15, 2017, while reportedly investigating a triple murder case in the city’s Harlem Park neighborhood. At the time, police said he had gotten into a violent struggle with a man, who then shot Suiter with his service weapon.

Police later said Suiter died by suicide.

Suiter had been set to testify to a grand jury the following day about the corruption within the Gun Trace Task Force.


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