BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This Veterans Day, people across the country are honoring those who served the nation with parades, events and celebrations.

In Baltimore County, Veterans Day at Holly Hills Memorial Garden was an opportunity to remember the names etched in stone on several large memorial plaques, honoring fathers, brothers, neighbors and best friends.

A ceremony honored members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force.

Army veteran Keith Roberts organized the event as a way to remind people of the sacrifice needed to keep America free.

“The young people today don’t understand what it means to be a veteran and the sacrifices we went through,” he said. “It’s important to teach them that and that’s why I’m here.”

Others came to honor fallen soldiers.

Millie Reichert lost her husband, who served in the Navy, just one week ago.

“Because he was a veteran and this was a veteran service, I wanted to be here to be with him and to honor him and to honor all the veterans,” she said.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski highlighted the importance of remembering the lives and deaths of those who served.

“Every name is a story, and I want everyone here to know and anyone watching to know that we remember the service of our men and women. We will always remember,” he said.

Veterans at the event said they hope people will take a moment out of their lives to remember those who have once worn a uniform.

Annie Rose Ramos


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