(CBS Local)– Raheem DeVaughn has come a long way since growing up in Maryland.

The singer and songwriter grew up in Montgomery and Prince George’s County and has been nominated for a Grammy three times in the R&B category. DeVaughn’s new single “Just Right” is the culmination of everything he has done in his career up to this point.

“I had a hunch it would do well,” said DeVaughn in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I study the culture and sonically I was able to create a body of work that fits in right now and also stands out.

DeVaughn has rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the music industry like Dr. Dre and Stevie Wonder. The R&B musician will never forget those experiences and lessons he learned from these all-time great artists.

“I met with Dr. Dre and I should have had the cameras on me. The things he said in that room about me and my music and I learned a valuable lesson. Dre is so respected in music and if he said the right thing with the right camera on, next thing you know you got a bidding war going on.”

“There are moments you look back on and cherish like the relationship I cultivated with Stevie Wonder,” said DeVaughn. “He called me out the blue and for whatever reason I came to mind that day. We ended up being on the phone for an hour. That conversation sparked ideas and I was thankful for that.”

DeVaughn’s new single is available on streaming services right now.


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