Hi Everyone!

The cold is here. The ice is broken, sort of a pun intended, and now we can move on with our lives. Look I get it,  the first event of a newish season. A November chill is expected but January visiting before Thanksgiving raises an excitement level. But now we can just settle in, get through the next 36 hours, and we return to November albeit a chillier than normal 11th month.

Maryland Weather | Cold Snap Could Lead To Record Low Temperatures

Never too soon to look to the weekend and really not any weather, then, too extreme. 54°, 42°, 47° the temps Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with very little moisture. Like I said just mentally hunker down for 36 hours and we are back to “it!”

Really today, and the next few days, are just straight forward. Actually this small arctic hit is pretty dull. And in the weather world dull is not a bad thing at all.



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