BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Would the Ravens consider signing Colin Kaepernick?

The NFL is holding a private workout for Kaepernick on Saturday. They invited every team to the event. The former 49ers quarterback hasn’t played since Jan. 1, 2017.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Coach John Harbaugh said he isn’t sure if the Ravens are sending a representative to Kaepernick’s workout.

In 2017, the team considered signing Kaepernick when former quarterback Joe Flacco injured his back.

Many wondered how close the Ravens were to signing Kaepernick. At the time Ray Lewis said they were about to close the deal, but one tweet changed the game.

Lewis: Ravens Didn’t Sign Kaepernick Because Of Girlfriend’s Tweet

So would they consider him again? Do they even need to?

Lamar Jackson has led the Ravens to its fifth consecutive win and the team has a 7-2 record so far this season.

Jackson is breaking other records left and right — he’s earned the AFC Offensive Player of the Week three times this year and has also had a perfect passing record twice this season.

At the time the Ravens looked at Kaepernick, Flacco was injured. Now they have Jackson.

The Ravens flock is very hot and cold on Kaepernick as well.

WJZ’s Mark Viviano he can’t see the Ravens having an interest or having room for Kaepernick under their salary cap.

The team already has two similar quarterbacks backing up Jackson.

“Any interest in him by the Ravens would be quite surprising to me,” Viviano said.

But for Kaepernick, there are plenty of other teams that could be interested.

Viviano said he could see Atlanta, Miami, Carolina, Cincinnati, Detroit, Oakland or Seattle as possibilities for Kaepernick as a backup or starting quarterback.


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