Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Friday eve! And welcome to the warm-up that took us out of the freezer. 10° warmer today than yesterday.  About 6° warmer tomorrow. There will be a chill down come our way with another fairly strong cold front slicing into the area tomorrow night. So it will be “back to the future” if you will, the near future called Winter. Temps in the low to mid 40’s dayside through the weekend, and a cold 29° Saturday night.

No rain in the weekend outlook, here. The Delmarva maybe a different forecast as we continue to watch a coastal Low, near the North/South Carolina border, develop. Some windswept rain possible Sunday night and Monday there.

Yesterday was refreshing, and not unlike the first really warm-humid day of late Spring a novelty. By July those humid days get old. Yesterday a novelty. After the fun of the holidays that will get old too.

Calm is still something I like to see in any forecast, especially this time of the year. And calm we have. Score one for us!



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