ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Students and parents in multiple Maryland counties saw a heightened police presence at public schools Friday, a day after a deadly shooting at a southern California high school.

Officials in Anne Arundel County said the change was not related to any threat and was being done to alleviate any potential anxiety caused by the California shooting, which left two students dead and three others injured.

“This is something that’s not uncommon for us in wake of incidents that might spark increased anxiety, so police were more visible in and around schools Friday,” Anne Arundel County Spokesperson Bob Mosier said.

Anne Arundel County schools have school resource officers in each high school and most middle schools.

“We certainly don’t want anxiety to be at the level where children are scared to come to school or parents don’t want to drop their children off,” Mosier said.

School officials in Carroll County told WJZ the sheriff’s office “was instructed to increase patrols and (school resource officers) were reminded to be extra vigilant.”

So far, it’s unclear if any other Maryland schools are increasing security in the wake of the shooting.

Paul Gessler


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