Hi Everyone!

Midway through November and we have a mildish week to look forward to. I say “mildish” because for the most part, we will only be a couple of degrees below normal — now in the mid 50’s, in the early part of this week.

Then at normal, and above, as we move through the end of the week. Even with temps dropping this weekend we only fall to the low 50’s. Midway through November and life is comfortable, and calm.

56 and 36 degrees are normal now. 54 and 35 degrees the new normal by the end of the week. Again I state moving through mid-November and life is comfortable, and calm.

If only the rest of the season will be so kind. And only time will tell. And Fall has only a short time left. Keep this in mind in just 3 days we will be just 30 sleeps from the start of Winter.



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