ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Anne Arundel County Public Schools dealt with more than 200 racial incidents last year alone, and now, the school board is working to address race relations.

The school board voted to start a bias-motivated class and expand the curriculum upon the request of the NAACP.

Now, a letter will be required for students who have acted out in a racial or prejudiced way, and consequently, must complete the bias-motivated behavioral program.

“An apology letter just for the sake of an apology letter doesn’t do any good, but combining it with the program, if we can help students to understand this is who I have offended, and this is how they have been offended, and convey that understanding, then we are taking a step in the right direction,” Bob Mosier, of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, said.

Recently, an offensive video and photo were posted from Northeast High School students. It used the word “hate” and a racial slur.

Last year, hate speech flashed across the screen of a Snapchat sent by a Broadneck student using the N-word and other offensive language.

A Chesapeake High School student was also found to have a confederate flag and noose hanging from their truck.

Racist words were also seen on a school computer in the computer lab at the same school, and around that time, a fight prompted by racial undertones broke out and two students were charged.

“I don’t know what the cause of all that is but the fact of the matter is we all have a responsibility to try to fix it,” Mosier said.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in Maryland, and for the thousands of students, the goal is a safe learning environment.

“We take every measure possible [to make sure students are safe],” Mosier said.

Rachael Cardin


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