Hi Everyone!

“It” is a lot of things today. First off it is Friday eve! Second, it is a week from Thanksgiving. And third, and maybe the biggest,…wait for it,….drum roll,…….ONE MONTH FROM THE START OF WINTER!

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Whoa, we are two-thirds of the way through Fall.

I guess when the weather is pretty calm and normal, with very few bumps in the road, time just kinda cruises gently on by. Let’s hope the last third of Fall does the same.

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Today, tomorrow, then next Monday through Wednesday, I totally will follow that script. The only bump in that road will be a 48-hour period called the weekend itself. Saturday will be gray, chilly, and damp. Sunday is a bit breezy and still chilly. Overall not really too bad.

Friday eve, let’s not bury the immediate lead. Sunny with temps in the mid ’50s. Enjoy the day, and make it a safe one!

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