BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Federal agents arrested the popular Baltimore rapper YGG Tay on Monday on charges he supplied cocaine and heroin to the “Trained To Go” drug organization for years.

The rapper, whose full name is Davonte Harrison, was arrested while wearing a Dolce & Gabbana fanny pack with $9,277 inside, a .40 caliber Glock pistol with an extended magazine that had 17 rounds including one round in the chamber, charging documents revealed.

A search of his vehicle by the Baltimore FBI Safe Streets Task Force, who are investigating this case, found 3.2 grams of heroin and 8 grams of unknown white powder.

Damont Brown, another local rapper, was also arrested Monday, and believed to be close with Harrison, and police wrote about a 2016 music video found on YouTube called “Erryday”, featuring the two men rapping on and around the intersection of Braddish Avenue and Westwood Avenue in Baltimore.

In the video Brown rapped, “I be on the block like every day, collecting knot like every day. Me and Tay up on the interstate, in the rental with some Virginia plates,”

“Knot”, the agents write, is a street term drug dealers use for a “wad of money from their drug proceeds bundled up,”

Investigators searched Brown’s Owings Mills home and found 40 grams of heroin inside, along with a digital scale and a mixing bowl.

Christopher Jerry, described as a “close associate” of Harrison, was arrested on drug and gun charges in his south Baltimore home.

Agents said they found two loaded handguns and drugs in his kitchen including 488 grams of heroin, 40 grams of cocaine and 28 grams of crack cocaine.

They have charged him with the intent to distribute 100 grams or more of heroin.


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