By Rachel Menitoff

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Millions of travelers are now heading home and back to work on Monday after what we hope was a very successful Thanksgiving holiday!

BWI Airport said that holiday travel is moving really smoothly. They said the ticketing lines and TSA checkpoints are moving well and flight delays have been minimal.

“I did allow plenty of time to get to the airport and just make sure there weren’t any snafoos, but luckily I was able to skate by without any problems,” said Tola Oyesanya, a traveler.

TSA agents in Baltimore typically screen about 32,000 people on a normal travel day. But, this weekend was expecting closer to 40,000. But, most travelers said the lines Sunday night were no problem.

“I said where is everybody at, I thought it was going to be flooded with people and it’s not,” said Rueda, another traveler.

The traffic on the roads, many said, proved to be more challenging.

“It took us two hours to get across the Bay bridge to get here,” said another traveler, Lara.

AAA expected 1.5 million Marylanders to take to the roadways this year, while another 845,000 people around the country opted to take Amtrak to their destination of choice.

TSA predicted a record 27 million travelers to fly through airports all over the country.

One busy holiday travel days like Sunday the TSA is fully staffed and they use layers of security both seen and unseen by the traveling public.

Rachel Menitoff


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