BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An Elkton man has been indicted on federal charges of using a website to promote and conduct his prostitution business, sex trafficking of a minor, production of child pornography and interstate transportation for prostitution, the justice department said Thursday.

Xavier Lee, 40, of Elkton, is accused of operating an illicit prostitution business for financial gain, including operating a website to advertise and promote the business from 2013 through March 14, 2019.

The indictment alleges that his website restricted its full content to viewers who logged in as members, allegedly required prospective members to send a picture of themselves that included their identification and in return would be given a login password to view the “profiles” of females whom he was prostituting.

The website profiles reportedly included fake names for the women, as well as descriptions, photos and appointment costs.

Lee’s alleged prostitution business was mainly operated at hotels he rented in Elkton.

He’s also accused of trafficking a 15-year-old girl for commercial sex acts that he financially benefited from in April 2013 and producing two videos that appear to show him documenting the sexual abuse of another minor victim.

Written By WJZ Apprentice Ju’waun Morgan