BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Royal Farms or Wawa? It’s an age-old question, but if Food and Wine magazine is to be believed, Wawa has the edge.

The magazine put out its list of the top convenience stores with food, and Wawa beat Royal Farms by several spots. Neither chain came out as the top spot, though — in fact, most Marylanders probably haven’t heard of the winner.

At number one: Texas-based Buc-ee’s, known for its Beaver nuggets and barbecue, according to Food and Wine.

Next up: Wawa and its all-too-familiar hoagies.

New York-based Stewart’s Shops came in third, followed by Pennsylvania-based Sheetz (which has several Maryland locations) and Parker’s, which has stores in South Carolina and Georgia.

Royal Farms and its famous fried chicken came in at number 11 on the list.

How was the list put together? It was based on one simple question: how happy researchers would be to make a return visit.


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