OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — The town of Ocean City, Maryland, has decided to move its annual Sunfest event to October this year after it was originally set to take place on the same weekend as the controversial, unsanctioned H2Oi car show.

Town officials said Tuesday that Sunfest will move to October 1-4 after 46 years of taking place on the third weekend after Labor Day.


Last fall, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said the town was “under siege” during H2Oi.

Police said several police officers were injured during the event after being hit by flying rocks and bottles while trying to break up a fight. Multiple eventgoers were also hit by a BMW which was burning rubber on a town street.

“What took place this past weekend in Ocean City can never happen again,” Meehan said on Facebook after the event. “This group came to town with the sole purpose to raise havoc in our community, to disrupt our lives and defy law enforcement.”

In a statement Tuesday, Meehan said the timing of H2Oi played a part in the decision to move Sunfest but was not the sole reason.

  1. Dave Foreman says:

    I cannot believe the powers in OC have given in to these racecar hoodlums. Why not bring in the Guard or other law enforcement to control these clowns? What are you going to do if the H2Oi group changes their scheduled criminal activity weekend to Oct 1-Oct 4?

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