Hi Everyone!

Wet snow in the forecast. Yesterday before the Noon News it was decided we would lead the show with the chance of this mixed mess. I pointed out that this will not a large event, and in fact one discussion I read actually used the words “not a big deal.” But the boss said that this is what people will be talking about even more so than the Middle East. And deep down I knew she was right, and later in the gym what were people talking to me about? Not the Ravens, but wet snow.

LATEST: Winter Weather Advisory Issued; Wet Snow Expected Across State

What is it about the chance of wintery weather? Does it go back to our youth and hoping to have school canceled? Does it go back to our first apartments and hoping to get snowed in with someone? Is it a comfort food deal? Or a combo of all of the above. All I know is it generates more interest than a Summer chance of a thunderstorm.

Now in reference to the above:

1) With a low of 31° and some slick spots, schools could be delayed.

2) You and your honey will be going to work tomorrow so that Netflix binge will have to be paused.

3) Comfort food,…who needs a reason, but with a windy chilly afternoon, plan the menu.

Soon we will be discussing 67° and rain on Game Day Saturday. For now, find your mental Winter Wonderland, and enjoy. But pace yourself. Gotta leave room for the real snow alert that we know is in the future, and will not be the dress rehearsal of this day but the real deal.




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