BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Big Truss!

You’ve heard Mark Ingram say it. Coach John Harbaugh says it.

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Ravens players say it on and off the field, during press conferences and events — and it’s even trending on Twitter Tuesday.

It’s the team’s catchphrase this season, but what does it mean?


The phrase now synonymous with the Ravens’ locker room is taking over the football world nationwide. The origin of the phrase may have started in Lamar Jackson’s hometown.

To the casual fan, it seems like Big Truss was a thing introduced this year but Jackson and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown have been saying it for years.

Both are from South Florida. Their connection on the field obviously translates to them speaking the same language.

“I should say something inspiring like Big Truss and I’ll open it up for questions,” Kicker Justin Tucker yelled at a press conference in November.

WJZ has a question of our own. What does Big Truss actually mean? We’re curious, so we asked the fans”

“Big Truss, it’s like a family. Ya’ll trust each other, you’re fighting for each other. It’s Big Truss!” Ravens fans Dan Fastovskiy said.

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“Big Truss. It just means you’ve got your brother’s back no matter what. Rain, sleet, snow, shine,” said Ravens fan Logan Sappington. “They’re out here as a family doing their thing man.”

“Absolutely nothing,” Claudette Guthrie and Wendy Reinemann.

“It’s everywhere! Google the word “big” and it pops up before you enter the full phrase.

Truss is front and center on bibs. Newborn babies at MedStar Health are rocking caps with Lil Truss.

We reached out to the Ravens and while there is no “official” definition. It’s a team thing. Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingram, help us out!

“It’s just a lil something we’ve got going, you know what I mean? I can’t really expand on it. We know it’s love, you know what I mean? Big love – something along those lines,” Ingram said.

Jackson and Hollywood Brown are both from Broward County, Florida. They’ve been saying it for years so when Brown was drafted by the Ravens last year, they already had a connection.

And with the playoffs starting this weekend in Baltimore, Big Truss hopes to bring big dreams to the team and the city!

If you didn’t believe how big this phrase has become, even Grammy award-winning artist, Drake, posted a Happy Birthday message to Jackson with the word “truss” written on his clothing.

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