By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Ya ready for Spring? Yesterday was pretty, early on. Then pretty gnarly, later on. And frankly, road wise, pretty bad early this morning. The forecast totals were pretty close to the 3-4″ reality, but it was the wetness of the snow, and the temps falling night side, that have caused the icy issues of this day. Sunny skies and a strong wind will remove a lot of this. And then we move on.

There will be a quick-moving arctic front slide by midday, today, with some clouds and a few flurries. Then behind it a chill down into the mid-upper 30’s tomorrow. Alright enough of this, ya ready for some good news? AND it involves Saturday. That push of BIG warm is still on track and even more impressive as we start this day. And the rain that will tag along maybe, now, just a couple of showers and not steady hours-long rain. I do want to be careful here because the forecast for game day had changed now twice. But as we start this day it appears the big rain stays West of Maryland. Time will tell.

Enjoy the beauty of this, “day after the snow.” Be careful with all that snowy comfort food though. After all, you’ll be in a bathing suit in just 6 months.



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