By Stetson Miller

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two people have been arrested after allegedly dragging multiple police officers with a vehicle while speeding away from a traffic stop Thursday evening, police said.

The traffic stop happened just before 6 p.m. Police said the vehicle sped away, dragging multiple officers for an unspecified distance.

None of the officers were seriously hurt.

A short time later, officers arrested two people in the area of Frisby and 39th Streets in north Baltimore, police said. Officers also reportedly recovered a handgun.

Video obtained by WJZ shows several Baltimore City Police vehicles speeding toward Frisby Street.

“I saw helicopters, I saw about two of them and then police cars just driving behind me, in front of me, just everywhere,” Pen Lucy resident Eugenie Tanguep said.

Tanguep was trying to get home as the tense moments unfolded. She asked police if it was safe to walk up the street.

“They were like ‘Yeah, it’s fine, you can go up, and we’re looking for something the suspect threw out of the car. That was a stolen car and it’s safe to go home.’ So I walked up and I saw him, I guess the suspect handcuffed on sitting on the side of the street,” she said.

Police have not yet confirmed if the car was stolen or what charges the suspects may face.

Stetson Miller


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