BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Multiple violent attacks Saturday left five people dead and seven others injured throughout Baltimore.

“Just like we said last week when we made 7 arrests for people wanted for murder, and now we are making sure that they are held accountable, we are continuing to work to do that.” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.


Commissioner Harrison said in a press conference Sunday his office is doing everything it can to solve each one of these cases, including stepping up high visibility foot patrols around the city.

“I’ve been also working with our patrol division to redeploy our resources to include swat, canine and our traffic unit to the affected areas.” Harrison said.

Three young women were shot in the 700 block of North Patterson Park in East Baltimore early Saturday morning. Police said they believe it started with an argument inside a club. Once the women left, they were stopped at a traffic light when another car started shooting in their direction.

One of the women inside the car later died at the hospital.

The other four deaths happened along Broening Highway, North Hilton Street, Cliftmont Avenue and Bloomingdale Road.

Police are not yet releasing the names of any of the victims. But they do say there is surveillance footage in at least one of the cases and they are working to identify even more surveillance that might be helpful in solving these crimes.

Rachel Menitoff

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  1. John Roberts says:

    Blacks, especially liberal democrats, are incapable of leading in the public sector. Baltimore City needs a new mayor, a new city council president, a new police commissioner & a new fire chief, at the very least. Male or female, so-called black leaders are incompetent and/or corrupt.

  2. Douglas A Morgan says:

    Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute! B-town got rid of of all those Confederate monuments, and doing so was suppose to be the panacea that would usher in a new era of Baltimorean enlightenment, prosperity, and wonderfulness! What happened?!? With the Confederate monuments gone, gone, gone, Baltimore was supposed to become the new Mecca of industry, education, innovation, progress, no racismness, and all manner of wokedom!

    Why did all that sugar not happen?!?

  3. robben holes says:

    Keep electing democrat and the violence and despair will continue.. time for the blacks to wake up and dump the politicians that allowed you to be the worse you can be

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