BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After a stunning upset by the Tennessee Titans, the Ravens season is over.

The Ravens, a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl, fell to the Titans Saturday during the divisional playoff, 28-12.

Despite the loss, many Ravens fans are hopeful and still love the team.

“Just to have the franchise record of wins,” said Elijah Boswell, “be able to have a first round bye… Lamar’s development, proving he’s not just a running back — all that — it’s been a master success.”

“Baltimore just loves their team no matter what,” Jacqueline Brulinski said.

At Horseshoe Casino, the party is continuing into Sunday morning and many fans said they were still proud of the team and that there’s always next season.

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“I think for us, it is what it is and we’ll be back next year,” said Juanita Ashby. “I think Baltimore has the Ravens back. I think we feel really good about this team. They’re young. I know, for me, I’m going to be looking forward to next year.

But some fans were understandably upset, many leaving the game early Saturday night after the Titans took a big lead.

The parking lots near the stadium were clearing out before the game even ended.

Now it’ll be time for the team to recover and then review what happened.

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Local seafood restaurant Jimmy’s Famous Seafood thinks they know what happened.

  1. Jack says:

    LOL. We knew who the Ravens were…..rationalize away! Hilariously poor performance.

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