By Mark Viviano

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — It was a somber morning in Owings Mills Sunday, as Ravens players cleared out their lockers after a season ending loss against the Titans.

The no. 1 seeded Ravens, who were on a 12-game winning streak, were the favorites for the Super Bowl, but no. 6 Tennessee had other plans, handing Baltimore a crushing loss.

Titans Stun Ravens, Head To AFC Title Game With 28-12 Win

The players reflecting on the game and the season at the Ravens Training Complex.

“It’s hard man, but all we can do is keep our heads high,” said Cornerback Marcus Peters,” and head into this offseason with bigger goals. we’ll be back next year, ready to fight.”

When asked about the camaraderie on the team and the unknowns after the season — who’ll be back — cornerback Brandon Carr said, “that’s the nature of the game.”

“We had a lot of guys, been a lot of great players for us this year, teams are going to be calling for them,” Carr added. “This is still a business and guys have aspirations to take care of their families and further their careers.”

He said players should make the best decision for themselves and the locker room will be the same in the end. Carr has been on the team for 12 seasons and says there’s always a handful of guys that rotate out.

How Should This Ravens Season Be Remembered? ’14-2,’ Lamar Jackson Says

Carr said he’ll still see his friends, whatever team they are on, during Sunday games.

He also said don’t count out Lamar yet.

“He’s an incredible guy as an athlete, as a person,” Carr said. “It’s very contagious for a locker room. He brings a lot of excitement to the city, to the ball club and to his teammates.”

“Guys play for him, they root for him, they have his back out there,” Carr added. “It’s important for a quarterback to have his locker room, his team and the city as well.”

Patrick Ricard said the players are disappointed in the loss.

“We disappointed in ourselves. We’re disappointed for the fans because they really believed in us all year and we felt the support,” Ricard said. “For us to finish the way that we did is a disappointment. We’re gonna learn from this. We’re going to get ready to work and get ready for the 2020 season.”

But on Sunday night, cornerback Marlon Humphrey said the Ravens identity is that they get to the playoffs and then choke.

WJZ’s Sports Director Mark Viviano asked him about it Sunday morning — was it just frustration talking?

But Humphrey stood by his comment.

“I stand by that. It’s actually what I was thinking on the sidelines,” Humphrey told Viviano Sunday morning. “It’s crazy you know. You are what you show on paper and you are what you show on the field and that’s what we’ve shown in the field.”

Historically the Ravens have won two Super Bowls, but they have a losing record at home in the postseason.


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