BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore City Council on Monday unanimously approved legislation designed to help address the root causes of crime in the city as police investigate another wave of homicides that took place over the weekend.

Council members endorsed the Baltimore City Trauma-Responsive Care Act, which would provide help for people who have experienced violence in an effort to stop the cycle of crime.

“What we are going to need is a movement that we must be united like never before,” said Councilman Zeke Cohen.


The legislation would create a trauma-informed care task force and require certain city agencies to have some employees trained in trauma-informed care.

Frederick Douglass High School senior Damani Thomas helped write the bill. Last February, there was a shooting at his school.

He said many kids, including himself, have dealt with trauma in the wake of that shooting and others.

“It affected me because it made me feel not safe,” he said.

Thomas said he wants to see change so that current and future generations don’t have to deal with the same trauma.

“I hope this will be better not only for me but for my younger sister because she is in the sixth grade and I want her to be able to feel like she can talk to anyone about her problems,” he said.

The bill is set for a third and final reading in a few weeks.

Ava-joye Burnett


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