HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A Harford County non-profit is helping out dogs affected by the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

Heather Lefleur is the founder of The Hero Rescue in Harford County. The non-profit saves animals at risk of being euthanized.

Lefleur says she knew she wanted to help out when she heard about the struggles of overcrowded shelters on the island.

At least 10 puppies from overcrowded shelters in Puerto Rico will soon be brought into the Baltimore area.

“You always want to contribute in some way,” she said. “And being a new rescue, it was very abundantly clear that this is the way that we can contribute.”

She says some of the dogs that are coming were possibly injured in the wreckage of an earthquake and that some people just aren’t able to take care of their dogs now.

“People who have lost their homes are unable to care for their animals anymore and have no other option but to surrender them to the shelters,” Lefleur said.

She says the dogs will be adoptable after they’ve been checked out and socialized with other dogs.

“Our goal with bringing them over here is again just to provide a small piece of comfort to the communities in Puerto Rico who are experiencing such devastation,” Lefleur said.

She expects the dogs to arrive at her shelter in Harford County in about two weeks.

Stetson Miller


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