By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone,

It certainly was a good run of mild weather. A run that took us to almost 1/3 of the way through Winter. No surprise that temps will be dropping. Just as water will find its own level, just as the stock market, (be it either up or down), will always correct to an average, so goes our weather.

It seems that every morning I have been saying, “We have another seasonally very mild start to the day with temps near the normal daytime high.”

That rap is getting ready to become, “We have another cold start ot the day with temps well below the normal overnight low.”

Maryland Weather: Snow, Wintry Mix Possible Saturday

Life always corrects itself.

This chill is setting the table for the forecast wintry mix on Saturday. At least it is a Saturday and all the more reason, for some of us, to renew your license to chill. Today the glass is half full not empty. Albeit half full of ice cubes.


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