Hi Everyone,

So now the chill has settled in and thus is the forecast for the next few days. We will average, day and night, about 5°-6° below the normals of 41° and 24°. Not a ton below normal but this time of the year when temps have, in the Northern Hemisphere, bottomed out that 5°-6° drop will get your attention. So the January chill has settled in, but not moved in.

By Wednesday we move the mercury up a degree or two above normal then we get right up to 50° to end the week and start the weekend. That will come with gray skies, and some showers, but that is the trade off in the Mid Atlantic for “mild” this time of the year.

There is an old wives tale, that recently a Doc friend of mine confirmed is fairly real, could be proven over the next couple of days. And that is that cold weather, and clear chilly skies, kills flu/cold germs. He said emergency rooms are much less crowded with folks under the weather than in damp and mild conditions. We will test that this week. Might be an interesting story.

January 20th, 2020. A national holiday. Here’s to a legend who made the world a better place. Let’s move Dr. King’s legacy forward.



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