ORLANDO, Fla. (WJZ) — The Ravens are having some fun ahead of the Pro Bowl game in Orlando this weekend — including interviewing each other Wednesday.

Ravens offensive tackle Orlando Brown took the mic from WJZ Sports Director Mark Viviano to get his own interview with cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

Brown: Tell us how you’re feeling, tell us what you’re excited about for the week.

Humphrey: You know I’m feeling great, first off, really feeling great… They say it doesn’t get cold in Florida, but it’s very cold right now. Somebody told a lie…. other than that — at the Pro Bowl, I’m with some of the best of the best. It feels good. It’s a little weird, cause I wasn’t planning on being here.”

As for how he’s feeling at the Pro Bowl, Brown said it’s “awesome.”

“It’s a blessing to be here. It’s more of a team accolade than anything, what we were able to accomplish this season with Lamar [Jackson] and the success of our offense,” said Brown.

On seeing such a large contingent of Ravens at the Pro Bowl, he said. “It’s great. It says a lot about our program, our team and what we were able to do this year, our competitiveness with everyone.”

When Viviano asked Brown about how he’s feeling about the Ravens season ending earlier than expected, he said:

“I’ve already got my mind set on next season. I’m excited for another opportunity, another year to play ball, so I’m already looking forward to next year.”

Brown also spoke about playing alongside Lamar Jackson.

“One of our first conversations was talking about our goals in the NFL and one of them was to be a household name and for us to be recognized by your peers, to be recognized by your teammates, coaches — it’s one of the highest honors,” Brown said. “What he’s doing — these are goals he set for himself. I know he’s very much about team — he’s not a me guy — I’m so happy for him. It’s all such a blessing.”


But Jackson wasn’t the only Raven Brown had accolades for — he hopes guard Marshal Yanda becomes a Hall of Famer.

“He’s been so dominant in his football career overtime. For him to play the way he’s playing at this age — it’s unreal,” Brown added. “The talent that he has, he’s special, he’s an incredible teammate and incredible man.”

Yanda also spoke to WJZ saying he’s enjoying his time at the Pro Bowl with players and his family.

He said chemistry with teammates and making the plays are the keys to winning the Pro Bowl game Sunday.

As for what the Ravens need to do to head to the Super Bowl next year, Yanda said the team needs to build on what they did this year.

“We had a great year this year. We had a lot of guys coming back and it’s a young special team, so just continue to put the work in,” he added.

Later, Humphrey took the mic to talk to linebacker Matthew Judon and asked: “How are things going with your first Pro Bowl in Orlando?”

“It’s great to be the only Baltimore Raven here — showing a lot of support, a lot of character for the home team,” Judon joked. “I just want to send a shoutout to all the fans that voted that got me here man, I didn’t do it by myself.”

The new father said he was a little sad that his family and new baby aren’t in Orlando, but the baby is home safe with his mom and grandmom.


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