Hi Everyone!

Back from the land of the sick. I was not the flu, but a miserable 48-hour deal that has been going around. I know people in many states dealing with this. ‘Tis the season. Wash those hands, wipe down everything and keep calm. I point this out as it will be getting mild and damp, the perfect conditions for this viral stuff to spread. Wipe down and wash up. So you will smell like disinfectant, just say it is a new designer fragrance. Walking out this morning, after being in since Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. I did stop and take a few deep breaths of this cold, but clean, air. And I could feel the difference.

It looks like good news even behind this next weather, rain Friday night and into Saturday with no great clear out until late Sunday. The big takeaway is behind the low coming by no big push of cold air will drop down upon us. Temps will drop but only to the mid-40s, a few clicks above normal.

It is good news, bad news deal. The bad, the need to wipe down, the good the need to wipe down. The glass is half full today. Half full of Pedialyte for me but half full none the less.



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