By Annie Rose Ramos

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Community members are outraged and concerned after learning of a heated argument involving several students and adults at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School in which a racial slur was hurled at the students.

The incident happened Monday night, prompting a plea from the school’s principal for the community to make a change.

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In a letter sent to families, Principal Amanda Brown said the students were involved in an argument during which “community members used demeaning language towards our students.”

“We are disappointed our students were treated in such a manner, and it is never appropriate to degrade any student with hateful language in any setting,” Brown wrote. “I am reaching out to neighboring businesses and community leaders to discuss these events and how we can work together to support our kids and have a nurturing community moving forward.”

Students and parents reportedly witnessed at least one student being called a racial slur.

Officials did not say how old the students are.

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Nicole Lively, whose daughter has attended the school for seven years, said she was shocked to hear about the incident.

“I’ve never seen any issue between the students and the community at all,” she said.

Nick Vonschnell, a student at nearby Friends School, however, wasn’t surprised.

“It’s unfortunate that this kind of thing happened,” he said. “I’m not entirely surprised that this kind of thing happened but it’s still disappointing at the very least.

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Now, Brown is asking the neighborhood to work together and encouraged people to come together to talk about the incident and how to move forward.

Annie Rose Ramos