BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A video shared online shows what appears to be a squeegee kid punching the driver of a car in Baltimore.

So far, the city has received 283 complaints about squeegee kids. One of the more recent incidents happened at the corner of President and Lombard Streets, and it was all caught on tape.

According to the police report, this all happened after the victim got out of his car to confront the squeegee kid for smacking his window after being asked not to wash his windshield.

“Some of the kids are great, but unfortunately, the few that are aggressive make it difficult,” said Georgia Efthimiou, a Baltimore resident.

Just days later, squeegee kids are back on the very corner where the incident occurred. As the city struggles to find a solution to this ongoing problem, police officers stop to hand out information on job training, before telling them they have to move along.

“We’re working side by side with the Mayor’s Office of Youth and Family Services to number one, provide opportunities so those young men don’t have to do that. But for this case specifically, identify that person to hold them accountable,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

“I think that’s what’s needed, that’s what it takes,” said Taurus Barksdale.

‘These Dudes Looking To Work’ | Baltimore Man Helping ‘Squeegee Kids’ Find Jobs With Local Business Owners

Barksdale, who started the “Hire A Squeegee Kid For A Day Challenge,” said this video is heartbreaking.

“Sometimes they can be the victim, sometimes they can be the aggressor. So it comes from both sides, but you know, we have to get them off the streets, period,” Barksdale said.

As for this specific incident, Commissioner Michael Harrison said they are looking at the cameras from around the area to help identify the individual.

Sean Streicher

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  1. Bill Smiths says:

    Let these little hood rats do like I did when I was young…..go out and get a real job. These lil hood rats want to make a quick buck by smearing dirty water on some unsuspecting person’s window.

  2. Goth says:

    283 complaints and still nothing is being done! To the poor man who got beat up please find a good lawyer and sue the hell out of whoever you have to starting with Baltimore City! They know this is a problem and yet do nothing about it! Squeegee kids should be banned from the streets it is a safety issues to begin with and nothing good comes from it. The lame excuse is that these kids need a job -does that give any person without a job the right to beat an innocent person down? Are you kidding me? Who would hire anyone with this mentality? Bottom line what is going to be done- Once again nothing! People are fed up and tired of working hard to come downtown to a danger zone. Instead of giving this kid a job start with putting him in handcuffs. These kids provoke and dare you to say anything they are ticking time bombs. Stop protecting the criminals and start protecting the innocent citizens!

  3. Goth says:

    Another great image for all the tourist who want to visit Baltimore. Looks like Baltimore won’t be making much money nobody wants to come here the crime is just insane. Another liberal democratic mess. Just senseless and sad.

  4. Goth says:

    “Sometimes they can be the victim” really? Never heard any incidents of that and believe me if that were the case the media would be right there, Try again. Yet 283 complaints are telling the real truth.

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