BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Closing arguments were heard Tuesday in the 2016 murder case of Latrina Ashburne, a 41-year-old teacher’s aide that was shot and killed outside her home in Park Heights, in what police believe to be a case of mistaken identity.

On the morning of May 27, 2016, she was shot and killed outside of her home on Rosalind Avenue in Park Heights, but prosecutors said she was not the intended target.

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They said two men, Davon Carter and Clifton Mosley, meant to kill Ashburne’s neighbor, a whistleblower in a Medicaid fraud case.

In their closing argument, prosecutors recapped the events leading up to the murder, including the connection with the fraud case.

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They showed surveillance video and photos and explained how Carter, who they said was the trigger man, didn’t have a clear view of the home that Ashburne came out of, causing him to kill the wrong person, as Mosley waited nearby as the getaway driver.

They also said that Carter went down to Myrtle Beach immediately after the shooting as a cover.

Mosley’s attorney argued that there is no evidence putting him behind the wheel of the car and that the cell phone records that place him in the area only prove he was at a place he frequently visited.

Carter’s defense said theirs is zero forensic evidence, no physical evidence and tried to discredit the witnesses.

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Both Carter and Mosley are being charged in the murder of Ashburne. They also face conspiracy and witness retaliation charges.

Sean Streicher