WASHINGTON (WJZ) — President Donald Trump is set to give his latest State of the Union address Tuesday night, the final one of his first term.

The speech comes as the Senate could vote on Wednesday to end the impeachment trial and acquit the president. CBS News reports the president is not planning to mention the impeachment in his speech.

WJZ Anchor Vic Carter spoke with a number of Maryland lawmakers ahead of the speech to hear what they’re hoping Trump addresses in his prime-time remarks to the nation:

Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.): “Who knows exactly what the president will say but we here in the Senate have a mountain of important bills that have been passed by the House of Representatives, bills to reduce gun violence in America, bills to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 over time, bills for equal pay for equal work, other measures to get rid of secret money in politics, equal pay for equal work, these are really important measures that are very important with the American people, so I’d like to hear the president say that he supports these provisions and tell Senator (Mitch) McConnell, who’s the Republican leader in the Senate, to get moving and pass some of this important work for the American people.”

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.): “I think the most important thing he can say is that as a nation we need to come together. We have a deeply divided country. If we’re going to deal with the challenges we have not just domestically but globally, we need the strength of us being united, and he has his opportunity, the State of the Union address, to give that message.”

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.): “I think what the president has to talk about are the topics that are on peoples’ minds and we have to unify and deal with them: (the) high cost of prescription drugs, (the) high cost of healthcare, securing our border, making sure we have a safe world. These are the things every American cares about; I think that’s what we’re going to hear the president talk about today.”

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