(CBS Local)– Thomas Sadoski has been a fixture on CBS for several years, but fans will see him a whole new light in the network’s new drama “Tommy.”

The series stars Edie Falco, who plays a former high-ranking New York police officer that becomes the first female police chief in Los Angeles history. After his run on CBS’s “Life in Pieces,” Sadoski gets the opportunity to play a politician in Mayor Buddy Gray. The show debuts Thursday, February 6 and Sadoski is excited for people to see just how great Falco is in this role.

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“Any time you get the opportunity to work with Edie Falco, you’re in,” said Sadoski in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “She’s such an amazing human being and the audience is going to be in such great hands. Edie is someone you can instantly get on board with regardless of where you’re from. There’s something inherently cool and human about Edie Falco. She’s as good in this as she ever has been. She is among the kindest, most down to earth people you’d ever want to work with. She creates these families everywhere she goes. They are all very talented and high quality people.”


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Sadoski says the focus of the show is the storyelling and not politics. He loves that the series is funny and dramatic and that it asks big questions about our society today.

“That’s what folks kind of need right now. There is so much stuff coming at everybody,” said Sadoski. “You want to enjoy the time you give yourself for entertainment. We’re going to give you good entertainment. We deal with the difference between politicians and the public. We don’t take any side and there’s no political party that’s mentioned. We’re talking about people, this one particular city, and how you keep it safe.”

While Sadoski is known for many of his TV and theater roles, one of his favorites was “The Newsroom” where he played Don Keefer with Jeff Daniels and Aaron Sorkin.

“I love Aaron and we had a great working relationship. I was proud and honored to get to work on his words,” said Sadoski. “He’s also a very kind man in the way he goes about questioning and pushing. That runs contrary to the way I go about things and I learned a lot from that.”

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“Tommy” premieres Thursday at 10pm EST/PST on CBS