BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Pretty wet now but pretty darn wet later on.

No change in the forecast for a couple of inches of rain before we start to dry out just after lunch tomorrow. A blustery wind will help the dry out tomorrow afternoon. Then we get back to mild. 44° will be the normal daytime high as we move into the weekend.

Over the next 7 days the coolest, can’t even say chilliest, but the coolest daytime high we will see is 45°.

Overnight a 28° reading tomorrow night is the chilliest low number we will see over the next 7 days. And that is still above the normal low which will be 26° as we move through this weekend.

A week from today we will be talking Valentine’s Day.

But tomorrow I want you to have a bit of a Valentine’s look.

There is a push on to wear red tomorrow in support of heart disease. Anchors and reporters coast to coast have been invited to participate and that translates down to the public. Why not?

Guys have a bit of a harder time as work clothes are not usually red, but men let’s see what we can do too.

Ladies have at it and show us, albeit a week ahead of time, how beautiful, in red and pink, all of you make Valentine’s Day.


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