Hi Everyone!

It is Valentine’s Day week, and we are also in the day’s leading up to the mid-point of this month. It is another mild start to a day and week, but a big enough change is on the way that five days away I want to bring up the word COLD.


Real darn cold. like 32° on Friday, 18° Friday night and 37° on Saturday but only down to 26°, basically normal, Saturday night.

You knew it had to happen, “it” being a hit of legit cold, And there it is. And not to totally bum your Monday out more than Monday usually is, but there are “some” indications that next week could be a bit “stormy.” What does that mean you may be asking? Well the answer is this, and verbatim, from my Accu-Weather briefing this morning;

“We will have at least some clouds around on Sunday, though there is disagreement in the long-range models on the cause. The GFS model blows up a storm in the Midwest, while the Euro Model loses that feature in favor of a front pushing southward through New England….with more stormy weather toward midweek.”

Time will tell. Just a heads ups up at this time. Meanwhile enjoy some mild temps, albeit damp. Not stormy.



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