HALETHORPE, Md. (WJZ) — A substitute teacher was removed from a Halethorpe Elementary School classroom after the school district said the teacher allegedly “exhibited unprofessional behavior.”

“Our administration immediately investigated this report and took action to remove the substitute teacher from the classroom,” said Baltimore County Public Schools’ officials in a statement.

“We want parents to be reassured that their students’ safety is our greatest interest,” the district said. “We are proud of the students who brought this situation to our attention. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.”

Schools spokesman Brandon Oland said despite reports, they do not believe there was any sexual abuse.

It was students who reported concerns about the teacher.

“If there’s anything where they’ve had an issue where they didn’t feel comfortable, we encourage our students to say something,” Oland said.

Parents from the school received a letter in the mail about the incident. Tiffany Wiseman is the parent of a second-grade student at Halethorpe Elementary.

“I’m thinking oh my God, how long has this lady been a substitute at the school? Did she substitute my kid? I don’t even know the person’s name at this point,” Wiseman said.

Baltimore County Police was alerted and is investigating.

Part of this investigation involves looking into how many times the teacher has been in the classroom at Halethorpe Elementary and if she’s worked at any other schools.

That substitute teacher was also removed from the pool of teachers schools choose from when they need a substitute.

Rachel Menitoff

  1. Carla says:

    I heard it was outrageous behavior and this person should be charged with endangering a young person. and the name should be printed. Why are they protecting this person? oh, because they aren’t going to do anything, and kick the perp down the road to another school or somewhere to hurt other kids?

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