BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Presidents’ Day holiday presented a unique opportunity for critically ill children in Baltimore.

“Casey Cares” and Blue Ocean Real Estate teamed up with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! to give the kids a much-needed distraction from their daily routine.

Around 150 kids took part in a scavenger hunt at Ripley’s, taking in the exhibits and spending time doing something fun to help them take their minds off their illnesses.

Every family involved has a story, yet through all the different ages and backgrounds they all share something similar from an organization helping them get by.

“They take their time out to help the kids enjoy not being in the hospital,” said Myanna Fox, whose brother has sickle cell disease. His life is filled with doctors’ appointments and treatments.

The same goes for August who has cerebral palsy. Normally he can’t have fun like normal people, but on Monday he could.

“It makes me feel normal, like a normal family,” his mother Kat Schaufele said. “We have a lot of doctor appointments, we stay home a lot. A lot of the time, he’s on oxygen, so when we get to do stuff like this, it makes us feel like a normal family.”

Hosted bi-monthly, these caring connection parties are one of six programs of Casey Cares, allowing kids to just be kids.


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